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Winterton playing field on it's way to new changing rooms

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The changing rooms at Winterton Playing Field are not fit for purpose and don’t meet current sports club standards. We’ve supported the Parish Council by providing a £500 grant to help kick start the Playing Field Development Project. The money is for architectural preliminary drawings and detailed plans for a new building which will be used as changing facilities, refreshments and storage.

The plans will help:

  • the village see what’s intended

  • assist in further fundraising activity

  • and will help get planning permission. 

These new facilities will help the playing field get used a lot more. The Cricket Club there is already catering for adults and young people, with womens, girls, mens and boys teams. A Croquet Club is developing and regular events such as Dune Runners, walking groups and local schools use the field. We’re really happy to support Winterton - if you can help their fundraising efforts too, they would appreciate that!

Revolutionary Roots putting their funds to use

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We're so happy to see Revolutionary Roots putting their funds to use. They're testing their circus equipment 🎪which is some of kit bought with the grant. 

The team hope it will have a positive effect on the wider community with less boredom and anti social behaviour, and instead empowerment towards personal development.

Have fun! 

Do you know a community or sports project in need of funds? Please share this page with them, or tag them in below, thank you!

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New Equipment for East Norfolk Gymnastics Club

East Norfolk Gymnastics Group

East Norfolk Gymnastics Group


We're thrilled to have been able to push East Norfolk Gymnastics Club up to the funding amount they needed to buy new equipment.

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They're a community-based gymnastics club, teaching both boys and girls from the age of 5 up to 18 years old. They have 75 members and a waiting list of over 200 (that's how amazing they are!).

The funding we've contributed to will help buy a new set of asymmetrical bars. The current bars are over 20 years old and unable to be adjusted which they need to be able to do.

The new equipment will help the gymnasts to perform greater skills and linking moves between the bars with greater confidence, which will help them when they compete in competitions.  It will help with confidence as currently the gymnasts are afraid to move from the low bar to the high bar in competitions as the width of competition bars is far greater than the current bars allow. 

Don Cathy said, “As a small club, trying to raise over £2500 is a huge undertaking and without the help from the Trust this would not have been possible. The new asymmetrical bars will enable our members to learn new skills, which will enable them to enter more  competitions, many thanks from all at the club.”

If your club or group is in the borough of Great Yarmouth, please enquire about funding for kit, equipment or other costs, we may be able to help.

Revolutionary Roots awarded £500 funds for sports equipment

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Revolutionary Roots is a Youth and Community Group working on various projects across the borough of Great Yarmouth. The group applied to the Trust for funds towards sports equipment which will aid holistically against substance abuse, anti social behaviour and criminal activity.

Many young people use the services of a Detached and Outreach Youth work project in central GY on the Newtown and Middleton estates.

Revolutionary Roots have great ideas to offer more physical activities, for example circus skills and sports at the youth cafe. Heidi Garwood says “This grant will give our service users and young people in the community the opportunity to be involved with sport and physical activity as a constructive activity. This will also have a positive effect on the wider community with less boredom and anti social behaviour, and instead empowerment towards personal development.”

Info: Revolutionary Roots is CIC working a cooperative, made up of 7 committee members and numerous volunteers. Revolutionary Roots is working in the local community delivering a range of work including detached, outreach and peripatetic work, as well as venue based support. A member of of Revolutionary Roots helps the Bread Kitchen run their youth club in Cobholm on Thursday 6.30pm to 8 pm ages 7-13. Revolutionary Roots run the youth club on Friday night with a number of volunteers and one lead youth worker for ages 13-19 at 7pm to 9pm .