Active Norfolk shares our funding details with Norfolk

Thank you Active Norfolk for sharing news of our trust......

"Charity looking to award grants to community sports and leisure clubs in the borough of Great Yarmouth

A local Great Yarmouth charity is offering grants of up to £500 each for sports and leisure clubs in the area to help promote the benefits of active lifestyles for health and social issues. The Great Yarmouth Sport and Leisure Trust is a registered charity dedicated to improving the lives of people in the area.

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The recent Active Lives Survey found that 25.7 per cent of the UK's population are considered to be inactive, doing less than 30 minutes of physical activity per week. As well as the obvious benefits for our physical health, sports promote teamwork, unity and confidence as well as boosting positivity and improving our mental wellbeing. The Great Yarmouth Sport and Leisure Trust is therefore determined to enable sports and leisure clubs to reach more people and make a bigger impact in their communities.

Graham Plant, Chairman said: "As a registered charity, our purpose is to benefit the public in the borough of Great Yarmouth. We would like to award grants to allow more people in the community access to leisure activities such as swimming, and sports clubs or activities such as cycling, grassroots football clubs and gymnastics for example. Maybe you're a club that needs new equipment. Perhaps you're a coach or a teacher wanting to start a group. We're very keen to help groups who are historically not participating in sport to get involved."

These grants will be used to support clubs, organisations or individuals who want to encourage club and sports development in the community. Applicants must provide at least 30% match funding, the grants are given four times a year in September, November, February and May (applications need to be received at least a month prior to the award month).

Sports clubs and voluntary groups can apply for up to £500 in funding. Only applications from the Borough of Great Yarmouth will be considered. Any application that is actively encouraging inactive groups to become active will be gratefully received, including those in disadvantaged groups."


Click here to see the criteria - and here for the application form! Good luck!