Children have energy levels greater than endurance athletes

Recent research has found that children have energy levels greater than endurance athletes – they need at least an hours exercise a day.



It was reported by The Telegraph that children not only have fatigue-resistant muscles, but recover very quickly from high-intensity exercise - even faster than the well-trained adult endurance athletes.

"How to keep your children fit

Integrate exercise into their lifestyles

Children's fitness expert Amanda Frolich of urges parents to spend time outside with kids before spending money on gym memberships. "Your child's health is more important than anything else you do, including your job, so it is time we started to make it our priority," she says. "Children love kicking and chasing a ball. They also love to be chased. At the playground, challenge them to play on as many pieces of equipment as possible, with 30-second bursts of activity on each."

Space it out

Children should be doing an hour of exercise each day, according to Government guidelines. But activity can be spread out in shorter bursts through a day. Amanda says: "Walk, scooter or cycle with them to school. Or park the car 10 minutes away from the gates and walk the rest of the way. Set aside time for a family workout before dinner. There are some great seven-minute workouts on apps you can buy.""

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