what we will and won't fund

We are keenest on funding applications for equipment, kit, marketing costs (not salaries or fees) or maintenance of facilities.  

We will not fund fees or subscriptions levied by clubs on teams or individuals within the club. The Trust may still fund club (not team) affiliation or capitation fees to a regional or national sports body upon receipt of an appropriate quote/invoice; however you should note that funding affiliation fees is not a high priority for the Trust, and it is unlikely that a request will be successful.

We may fund playing uniforms (excluding footwear) for sports teams or clubs. We may fund a wet weather training shell jacket or tracksuit. We will not fund any casual team gear such as polo shirts,  t-shirts, beanies, fleece jackets or dress uniforms, unless the polo or t-shirts are the playing uniform.

We do not fund the cost of food or beverage. The exception to this is funding Christmas parties or similar functions for elderly or special needs children.

We will consider applications to fund trophies, ribbons or other awards that recognise merit or success. We may fund reasonable non-cash prizes for open access sporting or community events. Although the term 'reasonable' is subjective the Trust will consider the scale of the event as a whole when considering appropriate prize levels. 

Salaries are not an authorized purpose for the Trust. We would much prefer applications to concentrate on other priorities such as equipment, chattels, programme delivery or improvement or maintenance of facilities.

The Trust will not fund the reimbursement of electricity, gas, telephone or other utility costs for a club or community organisation.

The Trust may fund transport costs for teams or organisations to travel within the UK for tournaments or similar reasons. Applications for vehicle hire, flights, ferries etc will all be considered if accompanied by competitive quotes. However, petrol costs or mileage will not be funded.