We’re sponsoring the Active Norfolk Awards ‘Community Club of the Year 2019’

The Active Norfolk Awards is a night to celebrate and reward the physical activity achievements and sporting excellence of our county.

 This year, we are thrilled to announce that this year we will be sponsoring the ‘Community Club of the Year’ category.

This category will celebrate and recognise a club that has increased participation in the activity, has made a big difference to a community, or made great progress during the year and we are honoured to be amongst some wonderful sponsors, including: UEA Sportspark, Easton & Otley College, BBC Radio Norfolk, City College

Now in its 13th year, the Active Norfolk Awards (formerly the Norfolk Sports Awards), will be a night to recognise and honour those people and organisations that are helping the people of Norfolk to achieve their best, improve their health and well-being through physical activity, and those who are achieving incredible things in sport.

The awards night will be hosted at OPEN Norwich on Thursday 21st November, and with over 400 expected nominations will be a night of diverse, inspirational and heart warming stories.

We want to make sure that as many of our wonderful community clubs have the opportunity to be nominated: please make sure you nominate by the 6th October 2019 HERE.


East Norfolk Sixth Form receives funding for basketball teams branded kit

East Norfolk Sixth Form College is trying to grow the Basketball Club to provide additional sporting provision for students at the college. They currently have between 12-15 students who regularly take part in Basketball training sessions.

A new grant provided by the Trust is for new branded kit as the team are now playing in regular fixtures, but only have an old very limited basketball kit. The grant will also help to provide the team with new balls for matches and training sessions. This means the small team can grow this year as the new equipment and kit will help to recruit new players.  

Max, one of the players said: “We are thrilled to receive a new kit and can’t wait for our fixtures to start!”

If you are part of an amazing sports team and would like to apply for up to £500 of funding, then we are taking applications for awarding in November 2019.

Great Yarmouth Basketball.jpg

Grant provides funds for fitness equipment at “paradise” Willow Tree Works

Willow Tree Works Belton.jpg

Great Yarmouth Sport and Leisure Trust are pleased to announce a grant has been made to Willow Tree Works in Belton to provide specific fitness equipment for brand new fitness sessions for people with additional needs.

In 2009 a forgotten, neglected piece of land was purchased and the volunteers at Willow Tree Works made what was a neglected area into a garden for people with additional needs. The area was dense with gorse, and all sorts of rubbish, but slowly they cleared it to produce a blank canvas.

The BBC called it ‘a little piece of paradise’ and urged the volunteers to look after this special place. And that is exactly what they have been doing ever since. Over the years it has been built from the ground up and now has classrooms, toilets, chickens and an outside area that is utilised as much as possible, from planting to dog agility workshops!

Willow Tree Works is a unique project, driven solely by the needs of those with disabilities and their carers in the Norfolk and Suffolk area. The project aims to deliver individually targeted skills-based learning that will promote employment potential, along with personal achievements and well-being. The ethos of the garden is summed up in their motto, 'growing stronger together'.

The learners have access to a developing selection of activities which gives them a sense of purpose, increasing their skills base, improving their day to day lives and allowing them to integrate not only with their peers but also working towards a healthier lifestyle. Fitness plays a large part in their ethos and activities and Willow Tree Works is setting up a new fitness class which is open to learners and the wider community. The funds from GYSLT will provide specific fitness equipment for these brand new fitness sessions.

With a high percentage of learners being considered overweight this is a fantastic opportunity for them to work on their fitness, skills and confidence especially with the equipment being provided: Reebok steps, weights and yoga mats.

There are a considerable number of children and adults in the Great Yarmouth area who have learning difficulties. Many have no access to a useful base to spend their days. The activities at Willow Tree Works deliver skills-based learning, and fitness is needed to tackle the projects. Getting fitter with the new equipment which the Trust are helping to fund will help the learners develop their skills and confidence in other projects tackled at the Garden.

If you are part of an amazing project helping your community and would like to apply for up to £500 of funding, then we are taking applications for awarding in November 2019.

Check out the latest fundraising project! The Gofundme page is here

10 reasons why basketball is such a beneficial sport!

basketball dunk.jpeg

Basketball is a team sport played widely across the globe and one of the most viewed. It consists of 2 teams of five active players looking to score points against one another by throwing a ball through a 10 foot high hoop, or basket. It can be played indoors and out and the size of court, height of the basket and length of game-play can all vary according to the age and skill level of the players!

1.      As a fast moving game, it involves dribbling, defence, rebounding and shooting meaning its incredibly active, fun and an amazing workout

2.      An hour of basketball can burn up to 750 calories, and while its stop-start nature means it isn’t considered aerobic it’s a big workout to play a game whether serious or fun

3.      It improves balance and co-ordination

4.      Builds up muscle

5.      Builds up endurance

6.      As with all team sports it develops self-discipline

It’s a fantastic sport for kids and as well as being a great way to stay fit it can:

7.      Help build friendships and teach the importance of being a team player

8.      Can be played by everyone – all ages and abilities

9.      It’s an all year sport because it can be played indoors and outdoors

10.  You don’t need a full team to play – you can enjoy basketball alone (just you and a hoop!) or with two people practising dribbling and defence. Although an official game requires 10, we say the more the merrier for a fun summer activity!

Getting started with basketball

Check out your local sports centres in Great Yarmouth and associations for information on how to join a team or start your own. You can always get in contact with us to point you in the right direction.

 If you are already part of a team and would like to apply for up to £500 of funding, then we are taking applications for awarding in November 2019.


East Norfolk Gymnastics Club receives new asymmetrical bars

Photograph by    David Woodcock

Photograph by David Woodcock

It is so great to see the asymmetrical bars being used at East Norfolk Gymnastics Club!

We were thrilled to be able to push East Norfolk Gymnastics Club up to the funding amount they needed to buy the new bars. A community-based gymnastics club based at Ormiston Academy, both boys and girls are taught from the age of 5 up to 18 years old. They have 75 members and a waiting list of over 200!⁠ ⁠

We're over the moon that the East Norfolk Gymnastics Club members can now properly use the equipment they need. If you’re a club or an individual that needs new equipment, or a coach needing kit, or maybe a new club needs marketing costs supported, we're accepting applications now from projects and individuals in the borough of Great Yarmouth, please download your application form here!

gymnastics PR.jpg


Rev roots.jpg

Our Grants have been benefiting different groups and teams since April 2018. We have invested funds across 11 organisations to get new kit, buy equipment and much more.

One such beneficiary is Revolutionary Roots, a Youth and Community Group working on various projects across the borough of Great Yarmouth. The group applied to the Trust for funds towards sports equipment which will aid holistically against substance abuse, anti social behaviour and criminal activity.

As well as working with mainstream young people the charity also helps other members of the community by:

  • Working with young people to get involved in sport and physical activity 

  • Lessen boredom and anti social behaviour, instead empowering towards personal development

The charities ethos is about running cost effective sessions across the borough, and the funding has enabled them to offer sessions out to other groups to utilise their equipment with the instructor also. For example, Claydon Pavilion, Wicked Wednesdays Junior Youth Club were able to utilise these resources, paying only £20 for the instructor to cover the whole 2 hour session.  Cobholm community day also made use of the resources and they are happy to disseminate the activities appropriately with the instructor across any appropriate community events/ groups.

rev roots Dylan.jpg

The photos have all been taken during groups, with Circus skills instructor Simon Wiseman.  Their junior instructor and volunteer, Dylan, aged 11, has completed all his Norfolk Youth Awards for volunteering this year, and was nominated for OPENS' Youth Award for volunteering 2019. Dylan attends a specialist school and this project has given him the chance to excel and be proud of his skills. He was described as demonstrating 'high levels of commitment to helping his community and making a difference' with his 'dedication and determination’. He has helped raise hundreds of pounds and is very hard-working, putting his all into everything Dylan does and always coming up with new ideas for fundraisers.

rev roots 2.jpg


Heidi, who volunteers for the organisation, said "The funds have been utilised in a number of ways: First the funds were invested in circus skills equipment that can be used across all of our youth projects across the borough. This included Juggling balls, Spinning plates, Diablo's and Flower sticks. These can be used as both inside and outside activities depending on the limitations on indoor space. The second element of funding was to fund two sessions in the main town to offer something to inactive and hard to engage young adults after the main funding had run out. This has enabled us to run a further two sessions in central Great Yarmouth.”

We are accepting applications now from projects and individuals in the borough of Great Yarmouth, please download your application form here!

4 Reasons Children Should Play Sport.

children playing sports.jpeg

Why children should play sport.

We here, at Great Yarmouth Sport and Leisure Trust all know that physical activity is one of the best benefits of sports participation – getting outside and away from the lures of television and video games (all in good measure obviously!)

But, whilst sports and games give opportunities for exercise; to keep children in shape and healthy, there are also a vast variety of benefits over and above the physical side that will last long beyond the team or playing of the sport.

Self-esteem and confidence boosting

Sports and physical activity, we know from experience, has huge, positive impact on a child’s self-esteem. Learning to trust their own abilities as they grow and to push themselves.

They can teach motivation, help them excel in academics and improve social skills. Participation can also teach children the importance of goal setting and ambition - persistence is needed when you are a sportsperson and learning to deal with victories and set backs is all part and parcel of growing confidence.

Respecting the strengths and weaknesses of others and learning how to support and be inspired in equal measures is a wonderful thing to learn from a young age and being part of a sports team will always throw up that kind of mix. All important reasons to be encouraging our children to get moving and get involved in school sports or outside clubs.

Social skills

There really is nothing like being part of a team to build social skills! These skills not only benefit within that sporting moment but will benefit throughout life. Dealing with difficult people or difficult situations – all skills that can be learnt on the field, in the dojo, the sports-hall or swimming pool.

Social skills are not limited to simply interacting with peers but also prepare us for leadership skills, team building, and communication; valuable life skills that can be applied to school, future careers and personal relationships. As an aside, it also allows children to confidently engage with those outside of their peers, communicating with older children and adults allowing them to express themselves appropriately, a skill so often forgotten about.

Lifelong wellness

Finally, lifelong health is something important to us, health and wellness shouldn’t be limited to children but encouraged into adulthood. Being active (we hope) brings with it an awareness of healthy life choices for example eating well and ensuring the right nutrition is fuelling all that energy, sleeping well, learning how to deal with daily stress and more - and that can only be a positive thing.


So, if you have a team that needs funding – get in touch, we know how important team spirit is as a whole, and to the individual.


Grant Provides Football kits for Southtown Primary School

New Football kits for Southtown Primary School

southtown FB post.jpg

We are pleased to share one of our latest grant recipients, Southtown primary school. A primary school with 220 pupils in need of funding for football kit.

They applied successfully for funding from Great Yarmouth Sport and Leisure Trust to go towards new football kit for children in all sizes and for all years.

By applying for funding, the school would be able to provide enough kit in various sizes to fit all year groups.

We know from many of our grant applications (and wider research) the importance of kit bringing a team together to create equality on the playing field. It negates the need for labels and unifies the team, hopefully bringing more fun, more drive and more community in their sports endeavours.

girls football.jpeg

Importantly the kits would promote self-esteem, confidence and social skills. Not only this but in their application, they also noted the fundamental importance of the kit allowing the school and pupils to have more participation in competitions and inter-school events, opening the opportunity to all age ranges; meaning the fund will benefit other people in the community, as it gives all children a chance to play.

Nuno in Year 4 said: “We feel proud to represent our school in our new kits.  We all looked smart and it made us play better!” and Oliver in Year 6 said “It makes a difference when we are all dressed the same and I really like having numbers on our backs like professional players.” GOOD LUCK SOUTHTOWN PRIMARY SCHOOL FOOTBALLERS! 

You can follow Southtown’s sporting endeavours via their website southtownprimaryschool.com and Twitter @southtownschool

boys football 2.jpeg




Hopton CE Primary School on the Path to Team Spirit!


Hopton CE Primary School PTA work hard throughout the year to raise vital funds for their school. The children were playing football matches in their PE kit, and it was felt that funding for proper kit would encourage those who don't participate in sport to do so outside of school hours. Some families can't commit to rigid training and games being held at the weekends. These children would have the opportunity of belonging to a school team, and the proper kits would help achieve this.

Great Yarmouth Sport and Leisure Trust approved the application, and the team are already playing in their new kit! Mr Petersen from the school said:

"The difference a football kit can make...

This year Hopton CE Primary Academy decided to enter the local Y6 football league to give our children more opportunities to work as a team and to compete against other local schools. We wanted to expand our sports provision and give children a chance to shine in an environment outside of the classroom.

Hopton Primary School.JPG

Competing in our first game, we turned up in our PE kit, some of which was school branded, some of which was not. When seeing that our opponents all had a team kit, it was visibly clear that the children already felt defeated. Having a football kit with the school badge would give the children an identity and make them proud to represent our school. It will bring them closer together and level the playing field before the game.

Hopton Primary Great Yarmouth Sports Funding.JPG

Since having the football kits, the 'buzz' around football games is palpable with children so keen to know which number they are going to have and where they are going to play. The children look so smart, and it has made a difference in their confidence and sense of belonging." Mr Petersend, Year 6 Teacher, Hopton Primary School.

If your club or group is in the borough of Great Yarmouth and needs seed funding, please enquire about funding for kit, equipment or other costs, we may be able to help.

Our borough has two new NORSUF Running Group leaders


We are over the moon that the two leaders we funded for NORSUF Running Group have completed their training, and are just awaiting their licence from England Athletics before they set up groups in Caister, Bradwell and Gorleston!

Sam and Russell’s group sessions are for new members who want to walk, jog or run in a supportive group. 

Sam started with NORSUF Running Group on Couch to 5k in January 2018 and she is now a competent leader: "The course was very informative and covered groups of all abilities. When I receive my licence I plan to run weekly free running group for beginners in my area.  I think it’s important beginners are encouraged and supported.  There are a large amount of sessions to cater for runners but very few for beginners".

Russell joined in July 2018 has achieved a large amount in a very short time: "I found the course enjoyable, all of the content and more we had covered in the extra 1-2-1 mentoring sessions.  Therefore I was able to attend with a confident open mind.  Now qualified I feel confident to lead my own local sessions and support you in the coaching group. I will get a great sense of achievement from encouraging beginners to run and improve their physical and mental health. My intended group sessions will be in the village of Caister-on-sea where I have already made preparations". 

You can find out how to join by visiting the Run Together website.

Trevor Rawson, an inspirational local health coach heads up NORSUF Running Group, amongst many other groups and activities (you can contact him here), said, "NORSUF Running Group are very grateful to Great Yarmouth Sporting and Leisure Trust for funding two Run leaders for our free group.  Sam and Russell with go on from their courses and be volunteer leaders in their communities.  This will provide opportunities for walkers, joggers and runners to join a supportive Running Group that welcomes all abilities slow or quicker.  I am very proud of what Sam and Russell have achieved in such a short space of time. Registration and participation in our group sessions and meet-ups are free.  Many of our members have already gone on to enter local Races, Fun-runs and charity events together.”

Our group will be supporting England Athletics #RunAndRevise and #RunAndTalk campaigns this year.     

Would your group or team benefit from funding? Visit here to see if you meet the criteria or please email us!

Grant helps 221 Air Training Corps increase team spirit and motivation

221 Air Training Corps in their new kit

221 Air Training Corps in their new kit

221 Air Training Corps is a charity connected to the Royal Air Force. The squadron helps young people aged 12-21 to become better leaders, sportspeople and promote a spirit of adventure. The 29 members are mainly from the local area of Great Yarmouth.

"We had an old outdated batch of t-shirts to play sports in. With the funding from Great Yarmouth Sports and Leisure Trust we will buy new sportswear. This means we can encourage more members from the community to join, and it will increase team spirit and motivation," said Nasreen Arub, Chairperson.

Now that we all look like a team, we can play like a team
— 221 Air Training Corps

With new kit, the group will actively push more sporting activities weekly to encourage a healthier lifestyle and promote wellbeing.

Sports England recently reported that nearly 60% of children and young people are not leading active lives - we are keen to encourage any organisation who is working to reverse this figure in the borough of Great Yarmouth.

The corps meets at Cadet Building, Suffolk Road, Gorleston, and for more information, call 01493 655136. You can find them on Facebook here.

If your club or group is in the borough of Great Yarmouth, please enquire about funding for kit, equipment or other costs, we may be able to help.


More than 40% of children and young people lead active lives


Sport England have published the results of a survey which shows that around 3 million children (43.3%) lead active lives, however of that group, only 1.2 million (17.5%) are meeting the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines of more than 60 minutes of activity a day, every day of the week.

Sports Minister Mims Davies said: "While it is encouraging that 3 million children do at least an average of 60 minutes of sport or physical activity every day, the number of young people who are not doing enough is simply unacceptable.

"We know that an active child is a happier child and efforts must be stepped up to encourage young people to live healthy, active lives and I know that Sport England are committed to making progress in this area.  

"Our School Sport and Activity Action Plan will also ensure that all children have access to quality PE, sport sessions and clubs. Together with the sport sector, parents and our local communities, we must build a comprehensive and cross Government offer to create a truly active nation."

Public Health England's head of diet, obesity and physical activity, Dr Alison Tedstone, added: “Physical activity is crucial for good physical and mental health of children and young people - this work is a timely reminder for everyone to do more to help them be more active.”  

We’re seeking teams, clubs and individuals in the borough of Great Yarmouth who need funding to help get or keep us active. Please spread the word.

Six Reasons Why Team Sports Are Good For Your Health

Team sports.JPG
  1. Team sports reduce obesity and increase overall health.

  2. Athletes who train with a team are healthier.

  3. Being part of a team enhances self-image.

  4. Competition improves endurance.

  5. Team sports increase long-term happiness.

  6. Team sports make you smarter.

Convinced?! If your team needs funding for equipment, kit or fundraising materials - check out our criteria, you could be eligible for funding for up to £500.

Winterton playing field on it's way to new changing rooms

Winterton Parish Council.JPG

The changing rooms at Winterton Playing Field are not fit for purpose and don’t meet current sports club standards. We’ve supported the Parish Council by providing a £500 grant to help kick start the Playing Field Development Project. The money is for architectural preliminary drawings and detailed plans for a new building which will be used as changing facilities, refreshments and storage.

The plans will help:

  • the village see what’s intended

  • assist in further fundraising activity

  • and will help get planning permission. 

These new facilities will help the playing field get used a lot more. The Cricket Club there is already catering for adults and young people, with womens, girls, mens and boys teams. A Croquet Club is developing and regular events such as Dune Runners, walking groups and local schools use the field. We’re really happy to support Winterton - if you can help their fundraising efforts too, they would appreciate that!

Revolutionary Roots putting their funds to use

Revolutionary Roots.JPG

We're so happy to see Revolutionary Roots putting their funds to use. They're testing their circus equipment 🎪which is some of kit bought with the grant. 

The team hope it will have a positive effect on the wider community with less boredom and anti social behaviour, and instead empowerment towards personal development.

Have fun! 

Do you know a community or sports project in need of funds? Please share this page with them, or tag them in below, thank you!

Follow Revolutionary Roots on Facebook

New Equipment for East Norfolk Gymnastics Club

East Norfolk Gymnastics Group

East Norfolk Gymnastics Group


We're thrilled to have been able to push East Norfolk Gymnastics Club up to the funding amount they needed to buy new equipment.

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 14.16.21.png

They're a community-based gymnastics club, teaching both boys and girls from the age of 5 up to 18 years old. They have 75 members and a waiting list of over 200 (that's how amazing they are!).

The funding we've contributed to will help buy a new set of asymmetrical bars. The current bars are over 20 years old and unable to be adjusted which they need to be able to do.

The new equipment will help the gymnasts to perform greater skills and linking moves between the bars with greater confidence, which will help them when they compete in competitions.  It will help with confidence as currently the gymnasts are afraid to move from the low bar to the high bar in competitions as the width of competition bars is far greater than the current bars allow. 

Don Cathy said, “As a small club, trying to raise over £2500 is a huge undertaking and without the help from the Trust this would not have been possible. The new asymmetrical bars will enable our members to learn new skills, which will enable them to enter more  competitions, many thanks from all at the club.”

If your club or group is in the borough of Great Yarmouth, please enquire about funding for kit, equipment or other costs, we may be able to help.

#runandtalk in more areas in the Great Yarmouth Borough

NORSUF RG at Gorleston Cliffs parkrun

NORSUF RG at Gorleston Cliffs parkrun

Thai Chi provides a no cost activity called Run Together NORSUF Running Group, which was established in May 2017. During that time, 154 people have registered and walked/run with the group for free.

Trevor Rawson is the only volunteer Group and Run Leader. He facilitates two free sessions per week limited to a max 16 people per session. The group could expand if there are more volunteer leaders but they have to be trained and licenced. With two additional leaders the group size could increase and additional weekly sessions could be offered, helping more people to get out and run.

We have awarded funding so they can train two volunteer Run Leaders.  This will help open up more opportunities to join the group over a wider area around the borough.

Trevor says, “Established in 2016 NORSUF Running Group is a free and friendly welcoming environment for new runners. You do not have to be a runner or achieve any standard to join; everyone takes part their way. Receiving funding from Great Yarmouth Sport and Leisure Trust will allow us to train two additional volunteer Run Leaders for our Group. They will go on to conduct their own sessions welcoming more people to an activity that can, with regular practice be life changing. As an England Athletics Coach and Mental Health Champion I have seen some fantastic personal and physical achievements by our members. #Runandtalk”.

Success Stories for Local Groups

Left to right: Ben Flaxman from Shrublands JFC, Andrew Grant and Graham Plant, board members of Great Yarmouth Sport and Leisure Trust, and Alan Pearce Chairman of Caister Football Club. Photograph by    David Woodcock   . - Missing is a representative from Revolutionary Roots.

Left to right: Ben Flaxman from Shrublands JFC, Andrew Grant and Graham Plant, board members of Great Yarmouth Sport and Leisure Trust, and Alan Pearce Chairman of Caister Football Club. Photograph by David Woodcock. - Missing is a representative from Revolutionary Roots.

We’re really pleased that funds totalling £1500.00 have been awarded to three local groups this Autumn by the Great Yarmouth Sport and Leisure Trust. The Trust would like everyone in the borough of Great Yarmouth, regardless of age, background, or level of ability to be involved in sport and physical activity. 

This grass roots funding is for groups and individuals who help support some of the least active people in the borough, as well as maintaining facilities for those already active.

The three groups are:

Caister FC

Caister Football Club has received an extra boost to its attempts to improve their playing field which is in poor repair as it is not maintained well enough, with a £500 award. 

A spokesperson from the club said: “This grant will allow the football pitches to be used by more teams and help the club to continue growing in size, allowing people across all ages, genders and ability the opportunity to participate in grass roots football nearer to home (adult sides are currently paying to train elsewhere). It will also help other groups who use the field (cricket club, scouts and the general public), as well as giving new teams access.“

Shrublands JFC

Shrubland JFC are a Gorleston youth football club with 200+ members including one of a few girls teams in the area. They attract age groups of 3-16 and are very much a community club. Facing broken or ageing equipment and kits, they reached out and applied for funds towards new sports equipment including goals, cones, bibs, and balls, new kit, and trophies for younger members of the club. Kirk Towers from the club said, “Fantastic investment into our club means we can replace old kit with new, we can’t thank you enough”.

Revolutionary Roots

Revolutionary Roots is a Youth and Community Group working on various projects across the borough of Great Yarmouth. The group applied to the Trust for funds towards sports equipment which will aid holistically against substance abuse, anti-social behaviour and criminal activity. 

Heidi Garwood says “This grant will give our service users and young people in the community the opportunity to be involved with sport and physical activity as a constructive activity. This will also have a positive effect on the wider community with less boredom and anti-social behaviour, and instead empowerment towards personal development.”

As a registered charity, our purpose is to benefit the public in the borough of Great Yarmouth.  Maybe you’re a club or an individual that needs new equipment. Perhaps you’re a coach or a teacher wanting to start a group and you need kit, or marketing costs supported. We’re also very keen to help groups who are historically not participating in sport to get involved. Please see our online criteria form to check eligibility. Good luck!

Can you boost sporting chances in Great Yarmouth?

Great Yarmouth Sports Funding.JPG

A recent Sport England survey, the largest ever of its kind, gives comprehensive insight into how children in England are taking part in sport and physical activity, both in and out of school.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 13.42.25.png

3 million children (43.3%) lead active lives, however of that group, only 1.2 million (17.5%) are meeting the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines of more than 60 minutes of activity a day, every day of the week.

Sport England Tim Hollingsworth said, “I am calling for a national focus on the health and wellbeing of our nation’s children and for the whole system to be united in delivering change. Our children deserve better and Sport England is determined to play its part,” he said.

“Parents, schools, the sport and leisure industry and government all have a role to play in addressing and increasing childhood activity.”

Are you trying to set up a sports club for children? Please see if you’re eligible for up to £500 funding from us here

New kit for Shrublands Under 14s Reds

Shrublands Football Club sponsored by Great Yarmouth Sport and Leisure Trust.jpeg

Look closer and you can see the Great Yarmouth Sport and Leisure Trust logo on this brilliant team of under 14s at the Shrublands Football Club in Gorleston. “Fantastic investment into our club meaning we can replace old kit with new, we can't thank you enough” said the clubs spokesperson.

We are unbelievably proud to see this photo - if you’re a club needing a bit of extra help, please get in touch!